While a great deal of planning focuses on how to maximize your opportunities and resources in the future, the other side of the coin is equally important: if a catastrophic event happens, how are you and your family protected? We often find that clients have some form of insurance but wrestle with these questions:

  • How much life or disability insurance do I really need? What types of policies should I consider and how do I design a policy that best meets my needs?
  • As I enter a different phase of life, how do my insurance needs change and what are my options with regard to my current policies?
  • What is the cost vs. benefit of buying long term care insurance and what is the right time to explore this? How do I begin?

If a gap is identified in our planning process, we have the capability and experience to go to the marketplace on your behalf for life, long-term care, and disability insurance. We evaluate the financial tools that best meet your needs and fit your financial plan.